Sweden - Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018

Sweden - Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018

Report Description

The biggest names in the piracy world belongs to Sweden. The legal frameworks in Sweden are not stringent enough to take an appropriate action against the wrong doers. But the biggest name in music streaming also belong to Sweden. The new technologies have benefited the music industry by new age streaming platforms. The same technology is also providing means like stream ripping which is distributing pirated musical content without being held liable.

Sweden--Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018 is focused on curbing the issue of music piracy. The report has done an in-depth analysis of this issue by taking four aspects into consideration, namely, social, legal, economical and technological. All the facets of the music industry are important to understand this problem. The report has elucidated the rights and liabilities of the artists, record labels and broadcasters. It also explains the legalities involved with copyright infringement and how it is affecting the music industry.

The ISPs are actually right to say that the web-blocks aren’t hugely successful in stopping people accessing music and movies illegally, though that’s in no small part because the search engines make it so damn easy to circumvent the blockades.

The music industry generally reckons that the search engines principally Google could do more to keep piracy sites out of their search results. A common gripe is that, while copyright owners can demand specific links to infringing content be removed from Google search, said content always pops back up at another URL, resulting in something akin to a game of whack-a-mole.

The legal authorities, regulations and technology companies are required to come together to establish a comprehensive framework that can be well implemented to solve the problem of increasing music piracy. The report has come up with such recommendations, which takes into consideration all these factors.

The report has highlighted the roles of ISPs and the secondary liabilities involved with them. The music industry, argues that companies like YouTube, which claim safe harbour protection, are exploiting this bit of copyright law in order to force record companies and music publishers into unfair deals. So that they can compete against Spotify and Apple Music in the streaming music market while paying much lower royalties than their competitors.

There are many such issues involved with music piracy. The report shows all these issues and analyses them based on various aspects with a balanced approach. It shows the current state of music piracy in Sweden and also shows the music revenues earned by the industry through various platforms.

Music Industry has lost up to $32 BN in 2017.

Table of


Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Scope and Approach
    1. Internet – Downloads, Streams & Pirates
    2. Definitions & Terminologies
  3. Sweden Music Piracy Perception Index
  4. Analysis of Copyright laws - International Law/Treaties/Agreements
    1. WIPO Internet Treaties
    2. WIPO Copyright Treaty
    3. WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
    4. EU Copyright Directive
    5. Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
  5. Sweden - Analysis of Copyright laws - National Laws
  6. Legal Analysis
    1. The Sweden Copyright Act, 1968
    2. Copyright Regulations, 1969
  7. Issues addressed
    1. Piracy
    2. Artist Rights
    3. Record Label Rights
    4. Broadcaster Rights
  8. Strategic Recommendations
    1. Recommendation 1
    2. Recommendation 2
    3. Recommendation 3
    4. Recommendation 4
    5. Recommendation 5

List of


List of Graphs

  1. Subscription and Ad-Supported Revenues Versus -2016
  2. Annual global recorded music revenue in billions of dollars (2007-2017)
  3. Growth in Internet Users in Billions (2007-2017)
  4. Fixed Broadband Penetration in Developed and Developing nations (2011-2017)
  5. Mobile Broadband Penetration in Developed and Developing nations (2010-2017)
  6. Internet Users, Smartphone Users and Adoption Rate(Smartphone) (2011-2017)
  7. Mobile Data traffic share by content category-2017
  8. Growth in Streaming (2011-2017)
  9. Global Recorded Music Industry Revenues in USD Billions- (2005-2017)
  10. Top 30 Money Makers of Music Industry
  11. Billion Gigabytes of file Shared per month-(2008-2017)
  12. Global Digital Revenue (US $ Billion)-2007-2017
  13. Worldwide paid Subscribers of Internet Radio Services (in Million)-2017
  14. Google URL takedown requests up to 2017
  15. Loss in Revenue due to Music Piracy in EU (Euro Million)-2017
  16. Sweden Music Industry Revenue US $ Million -2016

Country Analysed


A Complete Analysis of Sweden's Music and Artists



International, National and Regional Laws

International Laws-

  1. WIPO Internet Treaties 
    1. WIPO Copyright Treaty, 1996
    2. WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, 1996
  2. EU Copyright Directive, 2001
  3. Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), 2012
  4. John Doe Orders

Sweden –

  1. Act on Copyright in Literary and Artistic work, 1960
  2. The Swedish E-commerce Act, 2002
International, National and Regional Laws


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