Singapore - Counterfeiting & Trademark Infringement Report, 2018

Singapore - Counterfeiting & Trademark Infringement Report, 2018

Report Description


Intellectual Property Rights have become ubiquitous in today’s era and have also emerged as the key issue of global innovation policy. Trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) agreement, was one of the first attempt to establish a global harmonization of the intellectual property protection. By providing the rights to the intellectual property owners, government has assured that others are excluded from using the protected property.

 Thus, government has given a legal monopoly to the owner of the intellectual property to exploit his work and capture economic benefit out of it. The unauthorized use of intellectual property arises many infringements, and trademark counterfeiting is one of them. The increased prevalence of intellectual property rights across the globe has made it a herculean task to overcome the circumstances that leads to illicit activities of counterfeit trade.

Singapore- -Counterfeiting and Trademark Infringement Report, 2018 has addressed the menace of counterfeiting by doing an in-depth analysis of various factors related to counterfeiting. The report has explained various legal provisions that protect and safeguard trademark rights of the brand owners.

The market for counterfeit goods can appear promising by appealing to the many who wish to buy branded goods at affordable prices. However, they undeniably harm the original proprietors of the copied trademarks in some way eventually, and, as such, rights to registered trademarks are enforced strictly in Singapore.

Custom and border officers have various powers that are prescribed under the law.  The provisions of the law are explained in detail in the report. The custom officers in Singapore have the authority to detain, examine and confiscate goods which are reasonably suspected of being counterfeit goods.

A counterfeit trademark passes through many countries to reach to it final destination. And these activities are conducted without any knowledge to the trademark owner. This sort of unawareness has been created due to the furtive and global nature of the illicit trade, and also the freedom with which such trade activities are conducted in the global economy.

The report has come up with various recommendations that can be used by the brand owners to protect their trademark. The recommendations are based on the legal, social, economical and most importantly technological aspects of counterfeiting.

The report has done an insightful analysis of the digital environment that is proliferating the sales of counterfeiting products.

Losses incurred in 2017 due to Counterfeiting amounts to $1.2 Trillion

Table of


Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Scope and Approach
    1. Background – The Era of Flat world & Connected World
    2. Definitions & Terminologies
  3. Singapore Counterfeiting Perception Index
  4. The Market Size of Counterfeit Goods in Singapore
    1. By Value
    2. By Industry
  5. Sales Medium of Counterfeit Goods in Singapore
    1. Markets 
    2. Online Medium
      1. E-Commerce
      2. Social Media
  6. International Agreements on Intellectual Property Rights
    1. Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, (TRIPS)
    2. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
  7. Analysis - Secondary Liabilities
    1. Auction Sites
    2. Internet service providers
  8. Legal Analysis - Singapore
    1. Trademarks Act, 1998
  9. Issues Analysed
    1. Trademark Law
    2. Custom & Border measures
    3. Criminal Liabilities & Penalties
    4. Civil Enforcements
    5. Online Counterfeiting
    6. Anti-Counterfeiting
  10. Recommendations for Anti- Counterfeiting in Singapore

List of


List of Graphs

  1. Economic Value of Losses Suffered due to Counterfeiting (USD Billion), 2001-2020
  2. Economic Value of Losses due to Counterfeiting in Selected Sectors (USD Billion), 2002-2020
  3. Shares of seizures by IP-infringing category (Percentage), 2017
  4. Number of Internet Users Globally (Millions), 2005-2017
  5. Growth in Estimated Value of Counterfeited Goods (Billion USD), 2008-2017
  6. Global Merchandise exports and Imports (USD Trillion), 1960-2017
  7. Value of Seized Goods by Reporting Economy (USD Million), 2017
  8. Average Percentage Share of global physical counterfeiting(Percentage), 2011-2017
  9. Total Annualized Outsourcing Contract Value and its Growth From (USD million), 2013-2017
  10. Share of Companies that Outsource by Sector(Percentage), 2017
  11. Distribution of the Countries as per Income Level (Percentage), 2017
  12. Share of endorsed celebrity follower’s in Countries as per the Region (Percentage), 2017
  13. Distribution of Targeted Audience by Income Level(Percentage), 2017
  14. Average Age of Luxury Brand User by Region (Year), 2017
  15. Average Age of Luxury Brand User by Income Group (Year), 2017
  16. Budget to reach potential customer of Luxury Brands on Social Media (per Day in USD), 2017
  17. Market Size of Global E-commerce Business(USD Billion), 2012-2017
  18. Most Frequent Brand Name Used in online Counterfeiting(Percentage), 2017
  19. Top five countries involved in online sales of counterfeit items (Percentage), 2017
  20. Share of Authenticated and Illicit Post on Social Media (Percentage), 2017
  21. Share in Mode of Communication on Social Media Counterfeiting (Percentage), 2017
  22. Distribution of Leading Uses of 3D Printing(Percentage), 2015- 2017
  23. Number of 3D Printer Shipment (Million), 2013-2017
  24. Route Map of Source and Destination of Counterfeit Clothes and Textile, 2017
  25. Route Map of Source and Destination of Counterfeit Footwear, 2017
  26. Route Map of Source and Destination of Counterfeit Cosmetics and Perfumes, 2017
  27. Route Map of Source and Destination of Counterfeit Leather Articles and Handbags, 2017
  28. Heat Map of Source, Destination and Transit points of trade in illicit goods, 2017
  29. Number of Trademark Application and Registration in Singapore (Thousand), 2007-2017
  30. Blueprint of TAG Heuer Mikrograph Caliber 560, 2017
  31. Global Market Share of Logistic Services (Percentage), 2017
  32. Evolution of the global personal goods luxury( Billion Euro), 2012-2017
  33. Penetration of Countries in online luxury sales globally (Percentage), 2017

Country Analysed


A Complete Analysis of Singapore's Law



International, National and Regional Laws

International Agreement-

  1. Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, (TRIPS), 1995
  2. Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, 2012
  3. EU E-commerce Directive, 2000
  4. EU Customs Regulation, 2007

Singapore -

  1. Trademarks Act, 1998
International, National and Regional Laws


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