Korea - Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018

Korea - Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018

Report Description

Across the globe the reach of artists and creators have increased tremendously which have inversely affected the music’s industry. The scope to avail music freely has increased for the music enthusiasts with growing illegal pirated websites and apps at their finger tip. The Music industry does not have many means to fight against piracy. One of the ways to stand against this issue is by filing a lawsuit against the wrong doers. But suing file sharing internet networks and the consumers who use them to trade and share copyrighted work can be backfired, which would result in significant loss for legal procedures.

South Korea-Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018 addresses the increasing problem of online music piracy. The report has analysed the existing legal frameworks in South Korea which deals with copyright infringements.

South Korea spends millions of dollars a year enforcing copyright law, one of the highest figures of any country in the world. But much of this effort appears to be in vain. A substantial part of South Korea’s online piracy takes place via “webhards” (web hard drives), a unique type of local file sharing site notable for their veneer of legitimacy, their easy access and their charging of money for providing other people’s stolen content.

These new technologies are making it very difficult for the government authorities to track and trace the offenders and hold them liable for their illegal activities. The Korean government is trying to change the legal environment in the country by investing more in the local artist and boosting up the music industry.

The South Korean legal framework is a good combination of legal regulations and new technological advancements. Both the facets are necessary to curb the growing issues of music piracy. The report has also analysed the music market of the country and has stated various sources of revenue generation.

The music industry is using a comprehensive, multi-prolonged approach. By including consumer education on copyright and the value of music, working along with law enforcement agencies to tackle online piracy, filing cases against online pirated music services and engaging the legislators and the policy makers’ worldwide so as to create an environment which would help in securing the music industry and grow. The industry has also started to work with online stores as that they can remove the infringing apps and ensure that apps cannot access illegal websites.

The report has also given various recommendations that are valuable for the artists and record labels. The recommendations are a mix up all the aspects related to digital music piracy.

Music Industry has lost up to $32 BN in 2017.

Table of


Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Scope and Approach
    1. Internet – Downloads, Streams & Pirates
    2. Definitions & Terminologies
  3. South Korea Music Piracy Perception Index
  4. Analysis of Copyright laws - International Law/Treaties/Agreements
    1. WIPO Internet Treaties
    2. WIPO Copyright Treaty
    3. WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
    4. Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
  5. South Korea - Analysis of Copyright laws - National Laws
  6. Legal Analysis
    1. The South Korean Copyright Act, 1968
    2. Copyright Regulations, 1969
  7. Issues addressed
    1. Piracy
    2. Artist Rights
    3. Record Label Rights
    4. Broadcaster Rights
  8. Strategic Recommendations
    1. Recommendation 1
    2. Recommendation 2
    3. Recommendation 3
    4. Recommendation 4
    5. Recommendation 5

List of


List of Graphs

  1. Subscription and Ad-Supported Revenues Versus -2016
  2. Annual global recorded music revenue in billions of dollars (2007-2017)
  3. Growth in Internet Users in Billions (2007-2017)
  4. Fixed Broadband Penetration in Developed and Developing nations (2011-2017)
  5. Mobile Broadband Penetration in Developed and Developing nations (2010-2017)
  6. Internet Users, Smartphone Users and Adoption Rate(Smartphone) (2011-2017)
  7. Mobile Data traffic share by content category-2017
  8. Growth in Streaming (2011-2017)
  9. Global Recorded Music Industry Revenues in USD Billions- (2005-2017)
  10. Top 30 Money Makers of Music Industry
  11. Billion Gigabytes of file Shared per month-(2008-2017)
  12. Global Digital Revenue (US $ Billion)-2007-2017
  13. Worldwide paid Subscribers of Internet Radio Services (in Million)-2017
  14. Google URL takedown requests up to 2017
  15. Loss in Revenue due to Music Piracy in EU (Euro Million)-2017
  16. South Korea Music Industry Revenue US $ Million-2016

Countries Analysed

South Korea

A Complete Analysis of South Korean Pop Music and Its Global Reach



International, National and Regional Laws

International Laws-

  1. WIPO Internet Treaties 
    1. WIPO Copyright Treaty, 1996
    2. WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, 1996
  2. EU Copyright Directive, 2001
  3. Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), 2012
  4. John Doe Orders

South Korea

  1. Copyright Act, 1957
International, National and Regional Laws


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