Japan - Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018

Japan - Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018

Report Description

The advent of technology and innovation has brought a major shift in the way individuals live their life. In all these years, another thing that has evolved with technology is music and its impact on human lives. The traditional methods of listening music have changed drastically with the invention of internet and the music industry is growing at a rapid pace. The entire music industry from record labels to artists to producers all are on the road for adapting the new changes in the technology.

Japan-Music Piracy & Copyright Infringement Report, 2018 has focused on addressing the problem of music piracy. The new technology and easy accessibility of the internet has paved out many ways for the illicit distribution of free pirated musical content. The increasing consumption of free pirated music is actually major economical ramifications to the artists and record labels.

The report has intensively described on rights and liabilities of artists, record labels and broadcasters. It specifies the legal provisions under the Japanese law for protection of musical copyrighted content. The legal regulations are explained in detail by highlighting the provisions that deals with piracy and its punishment.

The evolution in music industry has prearranged multi faced problems and only time will tell as to how these factors will play out. More than ever before, now it has become necessary to have a balance between the desires of artists, record labels and consumers.

Technology has been indispensable since the last few years. The music industry has gone through a digital revolution all because of various technological innovations and upgradations. The new phases of this transition have broadened up the scope of whole music industry. New innovations in the music industry has served consumers all across the globe like never before. The consumers now have instant access to music at any time any place with a vast record collection.

The increasing piracy can be curbed by a comprehensive framework that takes into consideration the laws and technological advancements. The report has elucidated recommendations that are very beneficial for the copyright owners. These recommendations are all inclusive of legal, social, economical and most importantly technological aspects related to music piracy in this digitised world.

The report shows the current state of Japanese music industry with the help of market research and also specifies their revenue generation platforms. It encompasses all the major stake holders and facets of the music industry and music piracy in the fourth industrial revolution.

Music Industry has lost up to $32 BN in 2017.

Table of


Table of Contents

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Scope and Approach
    1. Internet – Downloads, Streams & Pirates
    2. Definitions & Terminologies
  3. Japan Music Piracy Perception Index
  4. Analysis of Copyright laws - International Law/Treaties/Agreements
    1. WIPO Internet Treaties
    2. WIPO Copyright Treaty
    3. WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty
    4. Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
  5. Japan - Analysis of Copyright laws - National Laws
  6. Legal Analysis
    1. The Japann Copyright Act, 1968
    2. Copyright Regulations, 1969
  7. Issues addressed
    1. Piracy
    2. Artist Rights
    3. Record Label Rights
    4. Broadcaster Rights
  8. Strategic Recommendations
    1. Recommendation 1
    2. Recommendation 2
    3. Recommendation 3
    4. Recommendation 4
    5. Recommendation 5

List of


List of Graphs

  1. Subscription and Ad-Supported Revenues Versus -2016
  2. Annual global recorded music revenue in billions of dollars (2007-2017)
  3. Growth in Internet Users in Billions (2007-2017)
  4. Fixed Broadband Penetration in Developed and Developing nations (2011-2017)
  5. Mobile Broadband Penetration in Developed and Developing nations (2010-2017)
  6. Internet Users, Smartphone Users and Adoption Rate(Smartphone) (2011-2017)
  7. Mobile Data traffic share by content category-2017
  8. Growth in Streaming (2011-2017)
  9. Global Recorded Music Industry Revenues in USD Billions- (2005-2017)
  10. Top 30 Money Makers of Music Industry
  11. Billion Gigabytes of file Shared per month-(2008-2017)
  12. Global Digital Revenue (US $ Billion)-2007-2017
  13. Worldwide paid Subscribers of Internet Radio Services (in Million)-2017
  14. Google URL takedown requests up to 2017
  15. Loss in Revenue due to Music Piracy in EU (Euro Million)-2017
  16. Japan Music Revenue US $ Million-2016

Countries Analysed


A Complete Analysis of Japan's Physical and Digital Music market



International, National and Regional Laws

International Laws-

  1. WIPO Internet Treaties 
    1. WIPO Copyright Treaty, 1996
    2. WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty, 1996
  2. EU Copyright Directive, 2001
  3. Anti-counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), 2012
  4. John Doe Orders


  1. Copyright Law of Japan, 1899
  2. Act on the Limitation of Liability for Damages of Specified Telecommunications Service Providers, 2001
International, National and Regional Laws


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