Modern Slavery Statement

Employees working with R Strategic will be treated with full respect and dignity. As the focus and insight of the company is to create, benefit and make services available for it employees that will help in promoting their welfare, enhance their communication skills with the other employees and clients, we have ensured equal treatment among all our employees, we have entrusted to create safe and secure work environment, efforts have also been made in bestowing the trust within the employees and making them realize about their potential to attain maximum productivity from them, and finally to  have fair evaluation and performance identification. 

R Strategic have made efforts to frame a work pattern in which employees working in here are expected to perform at their best of their ability in a cost effective manner. Every individual in here strive to attain quality and better productivity. They are persistent in anticipating problems and suggests improvement for better working, follow instructions and directions. They are determined and believe in team work, respect and treat other employees and client with honesty, and accomplish in energetic performance and in achieving their goals.

R Strategic sincerely value talent and contribution of its employees, we have strong believe in diversity among employees, as a right combination of people help in driving the best of our idea thus resulting in drawing best results. R Strategic give equal growth opportunity to grow and perform and no sort of division takes place depending upon their gender, caste or language. We also have policies that do no support intimidation and harassment of any sort.