Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does R Strategic do and what types of products are offered? 
    • For information about R Strategic, please see our "about us" section. R strategic offers a variety of research reports based on internet technology and emerging markets. 
  • How do I keep up to date with the latest research reports? 
    • There are two easy ways to keep up to date with the latest information:
      1. Register with R Strategic– You can avail of our free "New Arrivals" service which notifies you on new research reports in the market. 
      2. Send us an "enquiry" and one of our Customer service representatives will be happy to provide you with any information that you may need on available products. 
  •  How can I contact R strategic? 
    • We provide a "Contact Us" page where you can access all our contact details. There is also an "Email Us" feature on every product page which you can use to ask questions on a specific product. A member of our Customer Service Team will respond to you as soon as possible. We strive to respond within one business day. Please feel free to include your contact phone number as we may use it to reach you faster. 

Product Queries

  • What do I do if I have a query on a specific product? 
    • When you have found a product that you are interested in there is an option on the right-hand side to "Email Us". If you have any queries regarding content of this product you can contact our Customer Service Dept. by filling in this form with the relevant details and sending your inquiry. A member of our Customer Service Dept. will respond to you via our Customer Service System. 

Please note that we are unable to answer questions related to markets or industry sectors, but only questions related to our site and the product for sale on our site. 

  • How can I ensure I will receive R Strategics’ response to my correspondence? 
    • Our Customer Service Department aim to respond to all queries sent through to us within 1 business day. If you do not receive our reply then most likely it is being blocked by a Spam filter or similar on your email program. 
  • Where can I get a Proforma Invoice? 
    • If you require a proforma invoice, you can generate this (along with an order form) from each product page on our website by clicking the "Request Proforma Invoice" option underneath the "Add to Basket" option at the right-hand side of the product page, and entering the requested details. Once generated, the proforma invoice and order form will be emailed to you. You can then complete and return the order form to place your order. 

Registration & My Research

  • Why register? 
    • If you register with R Strategic you will be able to avail of our free "New Arrivals" Notification Service. The "New Arrivals" service allows you to be the first to know about new products in your market. Upon registration you are provided with an account which will enable you to access all your recently viewed categories and products for easy reference, as well as place orders online. 
  • How do I register? 
    • It’s easy to register with us. Visit our Registration Page and simply enter your details. 
    • The next time you visit R Strategic you can log in with the details you created at registration by selecting the link to "Login/Register" from the top list of tabs on our website. Enter the email address and password that you provided at registration to login to our site 
  • What is the "My Research" account? 
    • Upon registering with R Strategic you will be provided with a "My Research" Account. This account provides links to the categories that you have recently browsed through. This useful facility enables you to access all your recently viewed research so you can easily return to products and categories that were of interest to you. To access your account, please login to our site. You can login to our site by selecting the link to Login/Register from the top list of tabs on our website. 
  • How do I update/change registration details? 
    • It is easy to update or amend the details that you have provided us with. Once you have logged in to our site you can select the "Edit My Contact Information" or to "Edit My Category Email Subscriptions" links where you can amend your details if necessary. 
  • What do I do if I have forgotten my password? 
    • If you have forgotten your password please select the "Forgot your Login?" link on the login page and your password will be emailed to the email address provided during registration. 

Navigating Our Site

  • How do I browse R Strategic’s product offering? 
    • All the products on R Strategic are assigned to categories in order to make it easier to find products relevant to your area of interest. 
  • How do I search for a product? 
    • There is a search bar located near the top of most pages on our website. Enter the product name, or topic you wish to search for. You can use the category dropdown beside the search bar to restrict searches to that category only. You can run the search by then clicking the "Search" button. 


  • What ordering methods are available? 
    • There is only one method that is available.
    • Order Online: This is the quickest method of placing your order with us. From our product pages, simply select the product you wish to order on the right-hand side of the screen, and then click the "Add to Basket" button underneath to add that to your Shopping Basket. Our website will forward you to your Shopping Basket screen from which you can check out, or continue shopping. 
  • How do I add an item to my Basket? 
    • You can add an item to your Basket from the right-hand side of its product page. First click the radio button beside the format option you wish to order, and then click the "Add to Basket" button below this to add that option to your Basket. 
  • How do I access my Shopping Basket? 
    • When you have completed adding products to your basket you can review all the contents by clicking the Checkout button on the top right of our website. 
  • How do I edit the contents of the Basket? 
    • On your Shopping Basket screen, you can amend the quantity of a product you wish to purchase by selecting the required number from the quantity drop down beside near the left of the Shopping Basket screen, or remove a product by clicking the "Remove" link. 
  • What is the checkout process? 
    • Once you are satisfied that you have all the products you require in your Basket, click the "Proceed to Secure Checkout" button on your Shopping Basket screen to begin checking out. If you are not a registered user, you will have to register at this time. You can then choose your payment method and confirm your order. 
  • Is the online ordering process secure? 
    • R Strategic is committed to making a secure, safe environment for all of your online transactions. Therefore, sometimes it will be necessary for r Strategic to request certain information from you on receiving an order. This information is requested so that we can confirm the cardholder authenticity. We use the information to verify that the cardholder is the person who is ordering the product. We would ask you to enter your business/professional email when placing your order, as well as full invoice details, to ensure that we can process your order as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
    • R Strategic takes special steps to protect you and your credit card. When you place an order on our site all of the information which you provide is encrypted. This technology safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy. As an additional security our online payment transaction use the CVV number (the last three digits on the signature strip of your credit or debit card) to guard against card fraud. We may, on occasion, phone or email the cardholder to confirm the transaction prior to dispatch. We also request that if possible a company email address is provided.