Code of Conduct

R Strategic Code of Conduct is designed to create an insight and explain about appropriate professional conduct required in the company. It is intended not as a statement of new beliefs or a codification of new rules of conduct, but as a reaffirmation of enduring values and practices. These codes are effective since the formation of the company in 2017.

The central premise of R Strategic is its reputation for the quality of service/report that is being provided by us. The company focuses on business integrity, and to provide balanced, transparent and well calculated research results for our clients, these is the heart and soul of our enterprise. Research and development are the essentials of each and every business, government, or organization. R Strategic emphases on putting the best of social, legal, economical combination for the technological developments transforming the countries currently. As the ecosystem of any business is dependent on mainly these four pillars and that form the backbone for better development and growth. R Strategic is providing its assistance to attain progressive results. To prove the authentication:
Data accumulation is done from International Standardized Organizations.
Our analyses represent our best independent judgments rather than our preferences, or those of our sources, advertisers, or information providers;
Our opinions are neither biased nor inclined toward any individual, organization or group;
Further there is no hidden agenda to mislead any particular group, company or organization.
 All companies profess business integrity. But the impact of our work on the work of others, and on their lives and fortunes, places special responsibilities upon all R Strategic employees.
We bestow our responsibility for safeguarding and growing a company that lives upto their words for each and every employee in it. People employed in R Strategic holds a position of trust and respect. The position the person may hold at any level or in any part in R Strategic includes receiving individual responsibility as per the R Strategic policies that are governed on legal and on ethical business practices. The individuals are responsible for following all legal requirements and ethical business practices, the responsibility will also put emphasis on proper ethical behavior among colleagues and subordinates. 
Furthermore, it is clear that among all the employee’s business integrity is necessary at every research we perform and assist too. Business integrity in business decision will not be treated separately for the new employees, members of the legal department or for anyone else. The main focus to attain business integrity is to formulate accurate and frame up to mark analysis as a researcher. They need to be realistic, accountable and reliable.
 The senior researchers and analysts need to be ethical role models for all the employees. The role performed by the senior researches is of immense responsibility that will exhibit the highest standards of integrity in all dealings with employees, customers, and the rest of the people around the globe. They need to avoid any implicit or unspoken approval that will create a dent for the reputation of R Strategic, whereas needs to exercise sound decisions and judgment in performance of their duties. 
The prior responsibility here in R Strategic performed by the leaders is to develop mind that are not biased or inclined toward certain framework. They area also committed to make employees in accomplishing to our principle and ability to make them sound ethical judgements. They need to ensure the seriousness of quality of work that is been provided by R Strategic. Those will be supported by ethical conduct and as their own personal support guidelines. Their leadership includes fostering a working environment that encourages employees to voice concerns or otherwise seek assistance or counsel if faced with potentially compromising situations, and also supporting those who raise such concerns. 
In conclusion, they are not abided by a list of laws, regulations and various other norms given by R Strategic. As the technology is continuously evolving each and every individual is challenged by a complex environment of knowledge, that requires up to date information and detailed description of that particular thing. Result are also excepted to be drawn adequality within pressure as well. As there is no written policy that can definitively set forth the appropriate action for all business situations. Consequently, this code emphasizes and clarifies a standard of ethical conduct that must govern all of our business dealings and relationships we frame according to our researches and as per the area of specialty. Adding to it further, more descriptive guidelines for senior researcher and analyst are provided for some specific topics covered by this code. By the time others codes will be promulgated from time to time. Even conducts will also differ as per the need of various other departments and will be changed accordingly. Therefore, new employees are requested to consult with their team heads and supervisors for additional information regarding additional guidelines.    

Confidential Information
All sort of information and other material obtained by employees working in R Strategic that is in connection with his or her employment is strictly the property of R Strategic. The information they will be holding includes not only our own work and that the work of our colleagues, but also it may carry information related to future activities. It may contain unpublished reports, client’s details, company’s data base, as well as schedules for publishing the same. The material must never be disclosed outside R Strategic which will also include friends and family. At any point of time any information obtained in connection with the company employment be disclosed privately to anyone until that particular information is been made available to the public by the R Strategic.
 As the property entitled with R Strategic is – i.e., the upcoming reports and research results, information, data bases and analysis- for attaining investment decisions is strictly forbidden. No employee who have knowledge of any sort of forthcoming material may, prior to publication, buy or, directly or indirectly, based on that information will release or disclose the data of the company. These strictures should continue in force until the third trading day after the content or advertisement appears in a R Strategic publication, website or news service. 
These rules are similar for the confidential information about R Strategic. Employees at R Strategic need not disclose any confidential information and belonging of the company to the third party, nor they are required to use such information for their personal benefit neither for others. Whoever in the company have access to confidential information holds an additional responsibility to keep the information safe and further it should be secured from being disclosed to others outside or inside R Strategic, purposefully or unintentionally. This obligation is applied even after working in R Strategic and while working as well. 
Therefore, it is recommended not to discuss such confidential matters with anyone, including family members or to other business, any social acquaintances, or neither in places one can be heard.  Inside R Strategic, confidential business information should be divulged only to other employees who need to know the information in order to carry out their responsibilities they are assigned for.

Business Relationship & Activities
R Strategic entrust on its undivided business loyalty, our diverse professional attention, and our undistracted focus on our work, research, business and on our customers. The employees are preferred not to use assets, talents, information, technology, name, or any other assets for their personal benefit or gain from R Strategic. As all the intellectual fruits or ours labors as employees belong to R Strategic. 
R Strategic firmly believes that the customers are our first and prior most responsibility for success.  It is our commitment to frame our reports in the most appropriate manner with which we can provide the best and quality reports to our clients. The communication with our clients will be honest and secure. And the transactions will be for the best interest of both the R Strategic and for the business, governments and customers. 
R Strategic employees should not directly or indirectly offer or provide to customers, prospective customers, or any company, individual, or institution that furnishes or seeks to furnish news, information, material, equipment, supplies, or services to R Strategic any gift, entertainment, or reimbursement of expenses of more than nominal value or that exceeds customary courtesies for that time and place. Nor should employees offer or provide, directly or indirectly, any material, equipment, or services to any individual in a position to make or influence any business or governmental decision that will affect the company. 
On the other hand, employees should not solicit or accept, directly or indirectly, any payment, loan, service, equipment, or any other benefit or thing of value, or any gift, entertainment, or reimbursement of expenses of more than nominal value or that exceeds customary courtesies for that time and place from suppliers or customers, or from any company, individual, or institution that furnishes or seeks to furnish news, information, material, equipment, supplies, or services to R Strategic, or from anyone else with an actual or prospective business relationship with R Strategic.
The employees at R Strategic must remain conscientiously free from obligation to suppliers and vendors. Accordingly, employees should not requisition, order, approve, or otherwise participate in the purchasing of goods or services on behalf of R Strategic from any supplier or vendor in which the employee or any member of his or her extended family or household has a substantial financial interest, unless there is a compelling business interest and it is pre-approved by the chief executive officer of R Strategic is involved. Apart from the companies that are officially are the partner of R Strategic in selling their reports like Research & Markets no sideline speculations will be accepted. 
Employees at R Strategic may not serve as directors, officers, advisors, investors, consultants, or partners of any other company or venture devoted to profit-making, with the following exceptions:
Where the employee is appointed to represent R Strategic;
In the case of an investor who owns less than five percent of a private or publicly traded company; or
Otherwise as approved by the chief executive officer of R Strategic.
Employees are also not allowed to have unauthorized duplication of computer software developed internally or obtained from outside suppliers, regardless of whether such unauthorized duplication is for business or personal use. In addition, all the employees in R Strategic must stick to to the Company’s standards and policies regarding the use of its technology and computer equipment.